ColdQuanta announced today that it has appointed Robert “Bo” Ewald as President and Chief Executive Officer.  Bo is well known in the quantum community having served as President of D-Wave U.S. for the past several years.  He also has had previous executive experience at Silicon Graphics, Cray Research, the Los Alamos National Laboratory and several other companies.

His arrival comes at an interesting time for ColdQuanta.  The company was founded in 2007 as a spin-off from the University of Colorado Boulder. The company has strong expertise in cold atom technology and has primarily been providing component and subsystem products to university and other labs for research purposes.  Last year they received a $6.5 million round of seed investment and in January 2019 announced they were sponsoring research at the University of Wisconsin – Madison for developing a quantum computer that leverages ColdQuanta’s cold atom technology.

These developments, along with Bo’s joining the company, point to an expansion of ColdQuanta’s portfolio into end user products.  In an interview, he described a “world of opportunity” for utilizing their technology in such areas as quantum position sensing (i.e. a quantum GPS substitute), RF sensing, highly accurate quantum clocks, quantum communications, and, of course, quantum information processing. ColdQuanta expects to form partnerships with government labs and others to develop these types of products in order to obtain expertise in areas such as software and packaging where ColdQuanta may not be as skilled.

Bo’s previous experience at D-Wave may prove to be very helpful as he pointed out he had helped D-Wave’s users create over 100 prototype applications during his tenure. He mentioned that some things never change and that in his career he always sees end users ask three questions when evaluating development of a new application:

  1. Can it run my application?
  2. How fast?
  3. What does it cost?

We expect they will be busy answering those questions at ColdQuanta and we look forward to hearing more from them in the future. You can view the full announcements from ColdQuanta here.