IBM and Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft will team up to help promote quantum research and experimentation in Germany. Key points in this announcement include the following:

  • IBM will install an IBM Q System One at one of IBM’s facilities in Germany. IBM will own and operate the system and provide access to the machine through the IBM cloud. This will be the first installation of such a system in Europe and only the second one we know of outside of their research facility in Yorktown Heights, New York. (The first external installation is in IBM’s facility in Poughkeepsie, New York.) Although the current IBM Q System One machine contains 20 qubits, we believe this platform will be upgradable to higher capacities in the future.
  • The German Federal Government will provide funding of 650 million Euros (about $719 million USD) through 2022 to promote the advance of quantum technology from basic research to market-ready applications.
  • As part of the funding Fraunhofer will establish a new Fraunhofer Center for Quantum Computing. The center will allow academics, researchers, developers, IT professionals and industry experts to work together to study, develop and promote quantum computing.

This program appears to be separate from the European Union’s Quantum Flagship Initiative which is funding other quantum projects with a budget of 1 billion Euros. For more details on this partnership, you can view IBM’s press announcement here and Fraunhofer’s own press release here.