Large Commercial Companies Experimenting with Quantum Computing

There’s been several recent announcements of large commercial companies experimenting with quantum computing.  Although they are nowhere near using quantum computing in a production mode, it is noteworthy that these companies are hoping to get a jump on their competitors by preparing for the future now.  Here is a round-up of some recent announcements from the past few weeks.

Volkswagen is working with D-Wave to study how D-Wave’s quantum computers can optimize movements of 10,000 taxis in Beijing.   By optimizing routes it can reduce congestion.   More details on be found on Volkswagen’s web site here.

Biogen is working with Accenture and 1Qbit to perform drug discovery calculations on a D-Wave machine.  The companies are using the quantum annealer to perform molecular matching to predict both the positive and the negative effects of specific drugs at a much faster rate than could be performed with a classical machine.  For more details, look at the press release posted on the Accenture web site here.

Dow Chemical has reached an agreement with 1Qbit to investigate the use of quantum computing in material science applications.  The partnership will help Dow build a stronger understanding of new chemical and materials and help accelerate product and process development through the combination of advanced computational methodologies and experimental design.  More details are available in the press release from Dow that you can find here.

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