Atom Computing and Bleximo Land Venture Funding of $5 Million and $1.5 Million Respectively

Two Berkeley, California based quantum companies with founders who are alumni of Rigetti Computing have raised seed funding rounds to develop distinctly different varieties of quantum machines.  Atom Computing has raised $5M in a seed round led by Venrock.  They are using neutral atom technology which they believe will be more scalable, less sensitive to environmental noise and not require new manufacturing technologies versus other quantum qubit technologies.  One of their founders has considerable experience with this technology from his previous work building extremely accurate neutral atom based atomic clocks.  Additional details can be found on their web site here, an article on the Berkeley College of Chemistry’s web site here, and a Medium article written by Venrock here.

Bleximo’s seed round of $1.5 million was led by Eniac Ventures and is an affiliate company of the Cyclotron Road program.  Bleximo is working on superconducting base quantum accelerators.  These are processors that do not support general purpose programmability, but rather focus on specific applications.  Because of this, their processor can be simpler and potentially allow them to more quickly reach certain milestones for their targeted applications.  You can read Bleximo’s press release announcing the funding on their web site here and also a TechCrunch article here.

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