Atos Starts Construction of a Dedicated Quantum Computing Research Lab

Atos, a leading European IT services company, announced that they have started construction of an 8000 square meter (about 86,000 square feet) lab outside of Paris that will be dedicated to quantum computing research. Atos’ quantum computing research program benefits from an investment of €5,000,000 (about $5.6 Million USD) from the Paris Region as part of its ‘Smart Industry’ strategy, adopted in July 2017.  It eventually expects to employ 350 engineers at this lab.

Atos is currently offering a quantum simulator called the Quantum Learning Machine which uses classical microprocessors, but we would expect that the research performed in this lab will allow them to expand their product offerings to include additional quantum software and perhaps quantum hardware products in the future.

More details regarding Atos’ announcement can be found on their website here.


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