Creative Destruction Lab’s Quantum Machine Learning Bootstrap Program Starts Soon

The Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) in Toronto, Canada will be hosting their second Quantum Machine Learning bootstrap program beginning in July 2018 and lasting through June 2019.  The next application deadline for participation is May 10, 2018.  The program is designed to provide business and technical guidance, access to resources including quantum computers from D-Wave and Rigetti, and a small amount of pre-seed capital to fledgling companies that want to get started in quantum computing.  Either groups looking to found a new company or individuals who are looking to meet others to join them in founding a new company are welcome to apply.  Several of the Private/Startup companies listed in the Players section of this web site currently participate and another company, Xanadu, was an alumni of the first  program.

Companies that participate in the program will receive guidance and support from respected entrepreneurs and experts in the field.  In addition, companies will have the option of receiving a pre-seed investment of up to $80,000 USD that will offered by three Silicon Valley VC’s.  Although participants will not be required to be located in Toronto on a permanent basis, they will be expected to be at CDL for the bootcamp during the month of July and periodic meetings through the year.  CDL can also provide other assistance including providing office space for the full year.

For more information, you can send them an email at

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