D-Wave Creates a Machine Learning Business Unit

D-Wave has launched a new business unit, named Quadrant, to provide machine learning services to companies across a wide range of industries and application areas. Quadrant’s algorithms enable accurate discriminative learning (predicting outputs from inputs) using less data by constructing generative models which jointly model both inputs and outputs. Quadrant offers the services of its in-house experts to help customers get the benefit of leading-edge machine learning solutions. An interesting point in this announcement is that Quadrant’s algorithms are currently running on standard GPU-based classical computing systems.  They are planning to migrate this to use a hybrid quantum/classical platform with their next generation quantum system.  This system is expected to have about 5000 qubits and D-Wave indicated that prototypes are currently under test. This is the second indication we have seen of D-Wave moving to expand beyond just providing quantum computing hardware and software.   They have also created a small Printed Circuit Board manufacturing division to provide contract manufacturing for external customers who require specialty superconducting cryogenic PCBs.  For D-Wave’s press release announcing the formation of Quadrant, click here and to visit the Quadrant web site you can access it at https://quadrant.ai/.

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