IBM Releases Two New Tool Extensions for Qiskit – VSCode and Terra

IBM has released two new tool extensions for use with Qiskit.  The first is called Qiskit VSCode Extension which provides users with the ability to integrate Qiskit into Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code development platform.  This extension should be particularly useful for those programmers who are already familiar with Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code for other classical computing applications.  Among other features it includes the ability to detect code errors, autocomplete code, and provide in-line documentation.  Microsoft already provide supports for their Q# quantum language in the Visual Studio platform so this new extensions helps bring Qiskit up to par with Microsoft’s capability.  For more information on the VSCode extension, you can read a description on here, another description on the web site here, and download the code from GitHub here.

The second tool is called Qiskit Terra which provides users with the ability to control the quantum processor at the very low level of circuits and pulses.  It can also optimize these for the constraints of a particular physical quantum processor and help manage the batched executing of runs on remote-access backends.  This capability would be most useful for expert users who wish to more finely control the quantum operations beyond the standard quantum gates like CNOT, Hadamard, X, Z, etc.  A brief description of Terra can be found on the web site here and you can download the code from GitHub here.



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