Microsoft Releases Updated Version 0.3 of their Quantum Development Kit

Microsoft has released an updated version 0.3 of their Quantum Development Kit (QDK) which includes a new quantum chemistry library, an improved developer experience with deeper integration with Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, and new Q# language capabilities to provide more powerful language expressions that simplify the task of quantum programming. The chemistry library was developed in conjunction with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) and includes integrations with NWChem, an open source high-performance computational chemistry software package.

One interesting feature we noticed in the release notes was a translator from QASM to Q# which could potentially allow someone to take a quantum program originally developed in the IBM Qiskit environment and convert it for the Microsoft QDK environment.

For more information you can read Microsoft’s overview of version 0.3 here, an introduction to their quantum chemistry library here, and the release notes for their Quantum Development Kit here.

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