New NSF Program Solicitation to Establish Foundries for Quantum Materials and Devices

The U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) has just released a new program solicitation seeking proposals for establishing foundries for prototyping and development of quantum materials and devices. The program would be a six year program with a budget between $20 to $25 million with the possibility of renewal for a second six-year term. It goes by the full name of Enabling Quantum Leap: Convergent Accelerated Discovery Foundries for Quantum Materials Science, Engineering, and Information (Q-AMASE-i).  The program is only open to institutions of higher education with awards being provided to between 1 and 5 institutions.

The new materials, devices, tools and methods developed by Q-AMASE-i will be shared with the science and engineering communities through a foundry-operated network and technology transfer of foundry activities will be enabled by close cooperation with industrial partners.  Additional goals include producing the next generation of a highly-trained workforce and helping to accelerate the engineering of quantum technologies supporting quantum sensing, quantum communications, and quantum computing systems.

For those wishing to apply, the deadline for submitting a letter of intent is September 17, 2018 and the deadline for the full proposal is November 5, 2018.  For more details you can read the full NSF solicitation here.



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