Rigetti Releases Version 1.3 of their Forest Quantum Software Platform

Rigetti has released version 1.3 of their Forest quantum software platforms.  This version has a number of new features to make it easier to port code between their Quantum Virtual Machine (QVM), a simulator that runs on a classical computer, and their Quantum Processor Unit (QPU).  It also included built-in Noise Models so simulations on the QVM can more closely match results that one might get on the QPU.  In addition, there are new tools available for quantum state and process tomography.

In addition, Rigetti has added made some improvements in their QPU including an improved readout fidelity with a toolset that compensates for readout errors in their QPU and stability improvements in the CZ (Controlled-Z) gates.  They have added a new parameterized CPHASE (Controlled-Phase) instruction.  In addition, execution time on the QPU has been improved by a factor of two.  However, on the downside, they have disabled one additional qubit because it did not meet performance requirements.  So only 18 qubits are available for programming now.

More details on Forest Release 1.3 are available on their blog on Medium here.

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