The Taiwan government will be funding multiple quantum research efforts with an annual amount of 60 million Taiwan dollars (about $1.9 million USD) per project.  The Israeli government is setting up a fund of 100 million New Israeli Shekels (about $26.6 million USD) that will be allocated over the next five years.

The Taiwan funding will come from the country’s Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and will provide subsidies of NT$60 million to each approved research program by academic and industrial sectors for developments of quantum components and physics, quantum algorithms, quantum computers, and quantum communication. The ministry has already approved three proposed five year projects from research teams at the National Taiwan University, National Central University, and National Cheng Kung University.

In addition, semiconductor manufacturer TSMC was named as the first industrial participant of the program. TSMC will investigate conductor limitations under super-low temperature conditions and also use their fabrication expertise to develop quantum computing chips.

The Taiwan program has an interesting aspect because the ministry has also signed an agreement to work with the IBM-Q cloud quantum computing platform. Under the contract, the platform will be confined to only academic uses and cannot be used for any commercial purpose.  Additional information on the Taiwan government’s program is shown on the Digitimes web site here.

The Israeli funding come from the country’s Ministry of Defense, the Council for Higher Education and the Israel Science Foundation.  It will used to support Israeli university research in areas including quantum communication, quantum computing, simulation, quantum instruments and quantum sensors.  Additional information can be seen on the Jerusalem Post web site here.