Quantum Computing is in a Similar State of Maturity to Classical Computers in the 1950’s

During the 1950’s digital computers were large, bulky things that could only be afforded by governments or large institutions.    Software was either very immature or non-existent and MTBF was measured in terms of hours rather than years.   But there was also rapid innovation and developments of key technologies that continue to be used today.

Here are some selected milestones that occurred with digital computers in the 1950’s”

The description of digital computer’s above should remind you of quantum computers today.    They are also bulky, hard to program, not very reliable, and not well understood by most engineers and programmers,    But there is a lot research taking place now and new developments are being announced every month.   Just like the 1950’s, I anticipate that research taking place now will develop key quantum computing technologies that will be used for the next several decades and set the stage for large growth in the coming years.

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