The list below shows those venture capital organizations with known investments in Quantum Computing companies. Any additions or corrections can be sent to

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Quantum CompanyVenture Capital Investor
1QBitCME Ventures
1QBitFluxus Ventures
1QBitRoyal Bank of Scotland (Silicon Valley Solutions)
1QBitSiam Commercial Bank (Digital Ventures)
AgnostiqBloomberg Beta
AgnostiqBoost VC
AgnostiqDCVC (Data Collective)
AgnostiqDifferential Ventures
AgnostiqS28 Capital
Aliro TechnologiesCrosslink Ventures
Aliro TechnologiesFlybridge Capital Partners
Aliro TechnologiesSamsung Next Q Fund
ApexQubitOverkill Ventures
Atom Computing1517 Fund
Atom ComputingCantos
Atom ComputingFifty Years
Atom ComputingG Ventures
Atom ComputingLiquid 2 Ventures
Atom ComputingNew Ground Ventures
Atom ComputingPrelude Ventures
Atom ComputingSocial Capital
Atom ComputingSV Angel
Atom ComputingVenrock
Atom ComputingWorldQuant Ventures
BeitBloomberg Beta
BeitDCVC (Data Collective)
BeitFirebolt Ventures
BeitKindred Capital
BeitManta Ray Ventures
BeitS28 Capital
Black Brane SystemsThe Robotics Hub
BleximoBoost VC
BleximoCreative Ventures
BleximoEniac Ventures
BleximoKEC Ventures
BoxcatBloomberg Beta
BoxcatDCVC (Data Collective)
BoxcatS28 Capital
Cambridge Quantum ComputingStanhill Capital
ColdQuantaGlobal Frontier Investments
ColdQuantaMaverick Ventures
Crypto QuantiqueAccelerated Digital Ventures (ADV)
Crypto QuantiqueEntrepreneur First (EF)
CryptoNext SecurityQuantonation
D-Wave180º Capital
D-WaveBezos Expeditions
D-WaveBusiness Development Bank of Canada
D-WaveDraper Fisher Jurvetson
D-WaveFidelity Investments
D-WaveGoldman Sachs
D-WaveInternational Investment & Underwriting
D-WaveKensington Capital Partners
D-WavePenderFund Capital Management
D-WavePSP Investments
Entropica LabsSGInnovate
GTN LTDEntrepreneur First (EF)
GTN LTDOctopus Ventures
GTN LTDPentech
Horizon Quantum ComputingAbies Ventures
Horizon Quantum ComputingDCVC (Data Collective)
Horizon Quantum ComputingPosa CV
Horizon Quantum ComputingQubit Protocol
Horizon Quantum ComputingSGInnovate
Horizon Quantum ComputingSummer Capital
HQS Quantum Simulationsbtov Partners
HQS Quantum SimulationsHigh-Tech Gründerfonds
HQS Quantum SimulationsHoepfner Bräu
HQS Quantum SimulationsUnternehmertum Venture Capital
ID QuantiqueQuantum Wave Fund
IonQA&E Investments
IonQAirbus Ventures
IonQCorrelation Ventures
IonQGV (formerly Google Ventures)
IonQHewlett Packard Pathfinder
IonQMubadala Capital
IonQNew Enterprise Associates
IonQOsage University Partners
IonQRobert Bosch Venture Capital
IonQSamsung Catalyst Fund
IonQTao Capital Partners
IQMMatadero QED
IQMVito Ventures
ISARAQuantum Valley Investments
ISARAShasta Ventures
Kets Quantum SecurityQuantonation
kiutraApex Ventures
kiutraHigh-Tech Gründerfonds
kiutraInitiative for Industrial Innovators
MDRSBI Investment
MentenBloomberg Beta
MentenDCVC (Data Collective)
MentenS28 Capital
Nu QuantumAhren Innovation Capital
Nu QuantumAmadeus Capital Partners
Nu QuantumCambridge Enterprise
Nu QuantumIQ Capital
Nu QuantumMartlet Capital
ORCA ComputingQuantonation
Oxford IonicsIP Group
Oxford Quantum CircuitsParkwalk
PhasecraftLondon Co-Investment Fund
PhasecraftUCL Technology Fund
Post-QuantumAM Partners
Post-QuantumVMS Investment Group
ProteinQureFelicis Ventures
ProteinQureGlobal Founders Capital
ProteinQureGolden Ventures
PsiQuantumA&E Investments
PsiQuantumPlayground Global
Q-CTRLDCVC (Data Collective)
Q-CTRLHorizons Ventures
Q-CTRLMain Sequence Ventures
Q-CTRLSequoia China
Q-CTRLSierra Ventures
Q-CTRLSquare Peg Capital
QCWareAirbus Ventures
QCWareAlchemist Accelerator
QCWareD.E. Shaw Group
QCWareFenox Venture Capital
QCWareGoldman Sachs
QCWareWS Investments
QnamiHigh-Tech Gründerfonds
QnamiZKB Startup Finance
Quantum BenchmarkQuantonation
Quantum BenchmarkVanedge Capital
Quantum Circuits Inc.Canaan
Quantum Circuits Inc.Fitz Gate Ventures
Quantum Circuits Inc.Osage University Partners
Quantum Circuits Inc.Sequoia
Quantum Circuits Inc.Tribeca Venture Partners
Quantum MachinesBattery Ventures
Quantum MachinesTLV Partners
Quantum Motion TechnologiesIP Group
Quantum Motion TechnologiesOxford Sciences Innovation
Quantum Motion TechnologiesParkwalk
QubitekkEllis Energy Investments
Qulab415 Capital
QulabCivilization Ventures
QulabCota Capital
QulabPlug and Play Ventures
QulabRising Tide
QunaSysGlobal Brain Corporation
QunaSysShinsei Corporate Investment
QunnectAccelerate New York Seed Fund
QxBranch/RigettiAlpha Intelligence Capital
QxBranch/RigettiDymon Asian Ventures
QxBranch/RigettiMaryland Venture Fund
QxBranch/RigettiSummer Capital
QxBranch/RigettiWorldQuant Ventures
RahkoAI Seed
RahkoBalderton Capital
Rigetti ComputingAlchemist Accelerator
Rigetti ComputingAME Ventures
Rigetti ComputingAndreesson Horowitz
Rigetti ComputingBloomberg Beta
Rigetti ComputingDCVC (Data Collective)
Rigetti ComputingFelicis Ventures
Rigetti ComputingFenox Venture Capital
Rigetti ComputingFF Science
Rigetti ComputingFounders Fund
Rigetti ComputingLux Capital
Rigetti ComputingMorado Venture Partners
Rigetti ComputingStreamlined Ventures
Rigetti ComputingSusa Ventures
Rigetti ComputingSutter Hill Ventures
Rigetti ComputingTim Draper
Rigetti ComputingVy Capital
Rigetti ComputingWorldQuant Ventures
Rigetti ComputingWTI
Rigetti ComputingY Combinator’s Continuity Fund
RiverlaneAmadeus Capital Partners
RiverlaneCambridge Enterprise
RiverlaneCambridge Innovation Capital
Sigma-iSPARX Group
Solid State AIBloomberg Beta
Solid State AIDCVC (Data Collective)
Solid State AIS28 Capital
Sparrow QuantumSeier Capital
SpeQtralBatshit Crazy Ventures
SpeQtralGolden Gate Ventures
SpeQtralShasta Ventures
SpeQtralSpace Capital
StrangeworksAmplify Partners
StrangeworksEcliptic Capital
StrangeworksGreatPoint Ventures
StrangeworksLux Capital
TuringPosa CV
TuringSummer Capital
XanaduBusiness Development Bank of Canada
XanaduGeorgian Partners
XanaduGolden Venture Partners
XanaduOMERS Ventures
XanaduRadical Ventures
XanaduReal Ventures
XanaduSilicon Valley Bank
XanaduSustainable Development Technology Canada
XanaduTim Draper
Zapata ComputingBASF Venture Capital
Zapata ComputingComcast Ventures
Zapata ComputingFF Science
Zapata ComputingPillar VC
Zapata ComputingPitango Venture Capital
Zapata ComputingPrelude Ventures
Zapata ComputingPropagator Ventures
Zapata ComputingRobert Bosch Venture Capital
Zapata ComputingThe Engine
Zapata ComputingWorldQuant Ventures