Venture Capital – Sorted by Quantum Company

The list below shows those venture capital organizations with known investments in Quantum Computing companies. Any additions or corrections can be sent to

Sorted by Company  (Click here to see the list sorted by Venture Capital Investor)

Quantum Company Venture Capital Investor
1QBit CME Ventures
1QBit Fluxus Ventures
1QBit Royal Bank of Scotland (Silicon Valley Solutions)
1QBit Siam Commercial Bank (Digital Ventures)
Agnostiq Bloomberg Beta
Agnostiq DCVC (Data Collective)
Agnostiq S28 Capital
Aliro Technologies Flybridge Capital Partners
Atom Computing 1517 Fund
Atom Computing Cantos
Atom Computing Fifty Years
Atom Computing G Ventures
Atom Computing Liquid 2 Ventures
Atom Computing New Ground Ventures
Atom Computing Prelude Ventures
Atom Computing Social Capital
Atom Computing SV Angel
Atom Computing Venrock
Atom Computing WorldQuant Ventures
Black Brane Systems The Robotics Hub
Bleximo Boost VC
Bleximo Creative Ventures
Bleximo Eniac Ventures
Bleximo KEC Ventures
Boxcat Bloomberg Beta
Boxcat DCVC (Data Collective)
Boxcat S28 Capital
Cambridge Quantum Computing Stanhill Capital
ColdQuanta Global Frontier Investments
ColdQuanta Maverick Ventures
D-Wave 180º Capital
D-Wave Bezos Expeditions
D-Wave Business Development Bank of Canada
D-Wave Draper Fisher Jurvetson
D-Wave Fidelity Investments
D-Wave Goldman Sachs
D-Wave GrowthWorks
D-Wave In-Q-Tel
D-Wave International Investment & Underwriting
D-Wave Kensington Capital Partners
D-Wave PenderFund Capital Management
D-Wave PSP Investments
Entropica Labs SGInnovate
GTN LTD Entrepreneur First (EF)
GTN LTD Octopus Ventures
GTN LTD Pentech
Horizon Quantum Computing Abies Ventures
Horizon Quantum Computing DCVC (Data Collective)
Horizon Quantum Computing Posa CV
Horizon Quantum Computing Qubit Protocol
Horizon Quantum Computing SGInnovate
Horizon Quantum Computing Summer Capital
ID Quantique Quantum Wave Fund
IonQ Amazon
Ionq GV (formerly Google Ventures)
IonQ New Enterprise Associates
Ionq Osage University Partners
IQM Matadero QED
IQM OpenOcean
IQM Tesi
IQM Vito Ventures
ISARA Quantum Valley Investments
ISARA Shasta Ventures
Kets Quantum Security Quantonation
kiutra Apex Ventures
kiutra High-Tech Gründerfonds
kiutra Initiative for Industrial Innovators
MDR SBI Investment
Oxford Quantum Circuits Parkwalk
Pasqal Quantonation
Phasecraft London Co-Investment Fund
Phasecraft Parkwalk
Phasecraft UCL Technology Fund
Post-Quantum AM Partners
Post-Quantum VMS Investment Group
ProteinQure 8VC
ProteinQure Felicis Ventures
ProteinQure Global Founders Capital
ProteinQure Golden Ventures
ProteinQure iNovia
PsiQuantum Playground Global
Q-Ctrl DCVC (Data Collective)
Q-Ctrl Horizons Ventures
Q-Ctrl Main Sequence Ventures
Q-Ctrl Sequoia China
Q-Ctrl Sierra Ventures
Q-Ctrl Square Peg Capital
QCWare Airbus Ventures
QCWare Alchemist Accelerator
QCWare Citigroup
QCWare D.E. Shaw Group
QCWare Fenox Venture Capital
QCWare Goldman Sachs
QCWare WS Investments
Quantum Benchmark Quantonation
Quantum Benchmark Vanedge Capital
Quantum Circuits Inc. Canaan
Quantum Circuits Inc. Fitz Gate Ventures
Quantum Circuits Inc. Osage University Partners
Quantum Circuits Inc. Sequoia
Quantum Circuits Inc. Tribeca Venture Partners
Quantum Machines Battery Ventures
Quantum Machines TLV Partners
Quantum Motion Technologies IP Group
Quantum Motion Technologies Oxford Sciences Innovation
Quantum Motion Technologies Parkwalk
Qubitekk Ellis Energy Investments
QuiX RAPH2Invest
Qulab 415 Capital
Qulab Civilization Ventures
Qulab Cota Capital
Qulab Plug and Play Ventures
Qulab Rising Tide
QunaSys anri
QxBranch/Rigetti Alpha Intelligence Capital
QxBranch/Rigetti Dymon Asian Ventures
QxBranch/Rigetti Maryland Venture Fund
QxBranch/Rigetti Summer Capital
QxBranch/Rigetti WorldQuant Ventures
Rigetti Computing Alchemist Accelerator
Rigetti Computing AME Ventures
Rigetti Computing Andreesson Horowitz
Rigetti Computing Bloomberg Beta
Rigetti Computing DCVC (Data Collective)
Rigetti Computing Felicis Ventures
Rigetti Computing Fenox Venture Capital
Rigetti Computing FF Science
Rigetti Computing Founders Fund
Rigetti Computing Lux Capital
Rigetti Computing Morado Venture Partners
Rigetti Computing Streamlined Ventures
Rigetti Computing Susa Ventures
Rigetti Computing Sutter Hill Ventures
Rigetti Computing Tim Draper
Rigetti Computing Vy Capital
Rigetti Computing WorldQuant Ventures
Rigetti Computing WTI
Rigetti Computing Y Combinator’s Continuity Fund
Riverlane Amadeus Capital Partners
Riverlane Cambridge Enterprise
Riverlane Cambridge Innovation Capital
Sigma-i SPARX Group
Solid State AI Bloomberg Beta
Solid State AI DCVC (Data Collective)
Solid State AI S28 Capital
Sparrow Quantum Seier Capital
SpeQtral Batshit Crazy Ventures
SpeQtral Golden Gate Ventures
SpeQtral SGInnovate
SpeQtral Shasta Ventures
SpeQtral Space Capital
Strangeworks Amplify Partners
Strangeworks BoxGroup
Strangeworks Ecliptic Capital
Strangeworks GreatPoint Ventures
Strangeworks Lightspeed
Strangeworks Lux Capital
Turing Summer Capital
Xanadu Business Development Bank of Canada
Xanadu Georgian Partners
Xanadu Golden Venture Partners
Xanadu OMERS Ventures
Xanadu Radical Ventures
Xanadu Real Ventures
Xanadu Silicon Valley Bank
Xanadu Tim Draper
Zapata Computing BASF Venture Capital
Zapata Computing Comcast Ventures
Zapata Computing FF Science
Zapata Computing Pillar VC
Zapata Computing Pitango Venture Capital
Zapata Computing Prelude Ventures
Zapata Computing Propagator Ventures
Zapata Computing Robert Bosch Venture Capital
Zapata Computing The Engine
Zapata Computing WorldQuant Ventures

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