Deltaflow.OS is designed to be a universal quantum operating system that is both hardware and platform agnostic. As reported in our article last May, the project has funding from the UK government and is being developed by software company Riverlane with additional hardware partners Oxford Ionics, OQC, Hitachi, Universal Quantum, Arm, Duality and Quantum Photonics with the intention of being the standard operating system for quantum computers in the UK. This first version released is called Deltaflow-on-ARTIQ.  ARTIQ (Advanced Real-Time Infrastructure for Quantum physics) is a leading-edge control system for quantum information experiments that can be used with different quantum hardware platforms as well as a software emulator.

This version of Deltaflow-on-ARTIQ can be used with the software emulator, but Riverlane has also demonstrated Deltaflow running on an Oxford Ionics ion trap based quantum computer. The Deltaflow platform includes its own Deltalanguage that can be used to develop programs. For those who want to try out Deltaflow.OS, Riverlane has a GitHub site that has available Deltaflow-on-ARTIQ, Deltasimulator, Deltalanguage, Deltamodels, and ARTIQ. Additional details about Deltaflow-on-ARTIQ and how to access it can be found on the Riverlane website.

December 2, 2020