D-Wave has announced General Availability (GA) of their long awaited 5000+ qubit Advantage Quantum Annealer. They had first described this machines at the Adiabatic Quantum Computing (AQC) technical conference in June 2018 and previewed the architecture in a press release in March 2019.  This machine has much more capability than the predecessor D-Wave 2000Q machine with 2.5X the number of qubits, improved qubit-to-qubit connectivity that is increased to 15 from the predecessors 6, and other features. The improved connectivity allows embedding problems in the machine with fewer qubits which also provides a higher quality solution than the previous machine. The chip used in the Advantage system is the most complex superconducting chip to date and has over 1 million Josephson Junctions compared to the predecessor’s count of 128 thousand.


D-Wave Advantage Chip
D-Wave Advantage Chip, Credit: D-Wave

The Advantage machine is available now to all users of D-Wave’s Leap cloud computing service. In addition, D-Wave had previous announced plans to sell or upgrade the machines to the Advantage system at user installations at the University of Southern California, the Forschungszentrum Jülich Supercomputing Center, and the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

In conjunction with this announcement, has upgraded their Hybrid Solver software to handle as many as 1 million variables from the previous 10 thousand.  They will offer a Discrete Quadratic Model (DQM) Solver that will be able to accept variable sets, for example red or blue or green, rather than just using binary variables that can only be a 0 or a 1.  The DQM solver will be available in early October.

And finally, D-Wave announced a new service called D-Wave Launch™ a program designed to jump-start business who have potential problems that can be solved using quantum computers, but need extra support. These users can describe their needs and D-Wave will match them up with their internal team of applications experts or members from their partner community to provide the assistance these businesses need.

With this announcement, D-Wave is claiming that the Advantage system is “the first and only quantum computer built for business”.  They are clearly going after enterprises who want to utilize quantum computer for production work rather than pure research or simply learning. D-Wave has indicated that over 250 early applications have been prototyped using their quantum annealing system and we do expect that a few of them will go into production pretty soon.

For more information about D-Wave’s announcement, you can view the news release on their web site.

September 29, 2020