Global Quantum Intelligence (GQI) can work with clients to create customized reports and white papers that can cover technical issues in depth on topics that are focus areas for our client. These reports can help explain and position the clients technology to provide a boost to their business development efforts. Examples of such reports can be seen on GQI’s Reports web page at

The Quantum Computing Report (QCR) also provides a unique opportunity for advertising to reach those individuals who are truly interested in quantum computing.  The Quantum Computing Report attracts a very high quality audience consisting of quantum industry executives, venture capitalists, corporate CTOs and CIOs, academic and government researchers, government policy analysts and other quantum-aware individuals.  The web site attracts thousands of visitors every week and represents the most cost effective and efficient way of any media available to show your message to this high quality audience.

Suggested uses for advertising include:

  • Suppliers of components to quantum computing manufacturers and researchers
  • Business development for quantum companies that want to reach an audience of enterprise users exploring quantum
  • Recruiters wishing to obtain extra visibility for critical positions that will be noticed by high quality candidates
  • VCs seeking quantum investment candidates or startups looking for VC funding
  • Conference organizers wishing to promote a new conference
  • Universities and other organizations looking to advertise new quantum related programs

Advertisements can be shown on one of our web pages or on our weekly Quantum Computing Report Alerts emails or in both places. We can work with you to help with the design of the ad and help you determine the optimum placement of the ad to achieve the best results at the lowest cost with ad prices starting as low as $50. If you are interested in finding out more details, including detailed pricing and readership statistics, please contact us at