Starting in 2018, the Quantum Computing Report will be accepting advertisements. This will help fund an expanded coverage of quantum computing activities and improve our abilities to keep our readers better informed.

The Quantum Computing Report provides a unique opportunities to reach those individuals who are truly interested in quantum computing.  This is the only web site devoted exclusively to commercial application of quantum computers and it represents a very cost effective and efficient way to reach a high quality audience.

Organizations that may be interested in advertising on the Quantum Computing Report can include but is not limited to:

♦ Suppliers of components to quantum computing manufacturers and researchers
♦ Providers of quantum computing cloud services
♦ Software companies and application specialists providing software and consulting services to potential end users of quantum computing capabilities·
♦ Recruiters who wish to reach high quality candidates to fill roles in quantum computing companies.  We will have available a premium listing of open positions for ads that will show on our JOBS page

We can work with you to help with the design of the ad and help you determine the optimum placement of the ad to achieve the best results at the lowest cost. If you are interested in finding out more details including pricing and readership statistics, please contact us at