Qiskit Metal
Quantum Chip Design Flow and Where Qiskit Metal Fits In. Credit: IBM

IBM is releasing an open source computer aided design (CAD) program called Qiskit Metal that will allow a user to layout and analysis a superconducting qubit. The program will include a library of elements such as transmon qubits and coplanar resonators and includes a graphical interface that will allow a user to lay them out connect them and also their shape as desired. It also includes modelling functions that will allow a user to predict such characteristics as qubit frequencies, anharmonicities, couplings, and dissipation and include the ability to interface with other electromagnetic analysis tools to simulate a design. The resulting design can then be output in a semiconductor industry standard GDSII layout file for creation of a mask and fabrication at a semiconductor fab.

The program is intended for quantum hardware designers (including potentially IBM’s superconducting competitors). It is unique among all the publicly available quantum software packages we are aware of because it is focused on the physical design and analysis of the qubits themselves. IBM will initiate an early access program in November which will extend through March 2021.  For more on Qiskit Metal, you can visit the web site and request early access for the program here and also read a Medium article describing it here.

October 17, 2020