Innovare Advancement Center, a new technology accelerator in Rome, New York that was recently created in partnership by the Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate (AFRL/RI), Griffiss Institute (GI), Oneida County (OC), and State University of New York (SUNY), announced it will host a “$1,000,000 International Quantum U Tech Accelerator” event on September 1-3, 2020.  This event will provide one year grants for up to 18 university proposer groups, both nationally and internationally, for $75,000 each for research in the areas of quantum communications, quantum computing, quantum sensing and quantum timing.

To participate in this event and compete for an award, proposers must first submit a 2-page proposal by August 4, 2020 for consideration to be included in the pitch event. About 36 groups will be selected to pitch and submitters will be notified on August 18, 2020 if they have progressed to the final round. Pitches selected at the completion of the Million Dollar International Quantum U Tech Accelerator virtual event will be invited to submit a formal proposal within 30 days to an AFOSR Broad Agency Announcement (BAA).

For the news release announcing this competition, click here. For details on the rules and requirements for this competition, you can download a document here. To submit a proposal or to register to attend the virtual event as an observer, click here. And for additional information and links about the Innovare Advancement Center and this pitch competition, click here.

July 24, 2020