Three European Companies, Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC), QuiX and Qblox have all announced new venture capital investments for undisclosed amounts. The investment in CQC was made by Singapore-based Serendipity Capital. CQC is one of the largest quantum software companies with over 70 employees and projects in software development platforms, quantum machine learning, quantum natural language processing, quantum chemistry, quantum computing for financial instruments, and quantum random number generators.  Additional details are available on Serendipity Capital’s web site here.

Netherlands-based QuiX received its investment from investment from and Oost NL. They are developing a photonic quantum computer based upon research done at the University of Twente and industrial expertise of LioniX International. Additional details are available on the QuiX website here.

QUIX photonics processor and control box
QuiX Integrated Programmable Photonic Processor and Control Box – Credit: QuiX

Qblox, also based in The Netherlands received its investment from UNIIQ, an investment fund set up by a consortium of Erasmus MC, TU Delft, Leiden University and the Province of Zuid-Holland regional development agency InnovationQuarter. Qblox is developing ultralow noise, highly scalable electronics that control the qubits in a quantum computer.  Additional details on this investment are available in the news release (in Dutch) on the InnovationQuarter web site here.

Qblox Control Electronics Unit – Credit: Qblox

July 7, 2020