CMA CGM Group and Pasqal have announced a strategic partnership to integrate quantum computing technologies into maritime and logistics operations. This collaboration includes the creation of a Quantum Computing Center of Excellence at CMA CGM’s TANGRAM innovation hub, equipped with Pasqal’s quantum processor. CMA CGM will also invest in Pasqal, underscoring the partnership’s commitment to leveraging quantum computing for enhanced efficiency in container management and overall logistics operations.

The partnership aims to train CMA CGM staff on quantum computing via Pasqal’s e-learning platform and organize related events, fostering innovation and collaboration within the company. This initiative aligns with CMA CGM’s broader strategy to advance its digital transformation through innovative technologies, building on previous investments in AI and other tech ventures.

Hadi Zablit, Executive Vice President for Information & Technology at CMA CGM, highlighted the potential of this partnership to enhance operational efficiency and strengthen CMA CGM’s leadership in digital transformation. Georges-Olivier Reymond, CEO of Pasqal, emphasized the importance of developing practical quantum use cases and advancing the understanding of quantum computing’s potential.

For additional information, you can access the press release provided by Pasqal here.

July 9, 2024