Programming a quantum computer is not easy.  Although several of the hardware platform suppliers provide good software libraries, good documentation, and, in some cases, education and training classes, it can still be difficult for an end user with a real world problem to figure out how to create a quantum software program that can provide a solution.

Fortunately, new software companies are being formed to fill this gap.  These companies act as intermediaries between the quantum computing company and the end user. They also provide early testing of new systems to help the hardware companies validate their systems.  These companies understand how to program a quantum computer and also supply their own middleware software that can make the programming easier.  The four quantum platform vendors below have established software partner programs and have provided us the names shown below of which software companies support their platform.

In many cases, the software partners will support multiple platforms.  This can be an advantage to the end user since it allows the software partner to utilize the best available platform to solve a particular end user’s problem. Several of these companies have developed machine independent software that will have a common front end but different back ends to support the different architectures.

We expect this list to be updated frequently as we expect new software partners to be added regularly.  In addition, there may be other organizations that may be able to provide similar services but may not be mentioned as a partner by the quantum hardware company for various reasons.  It may still be worthwhile for an end user to check these organizations out. If you see any additions or corrections needed in this table, please let us know at