The U.S. National Science Foundation has awarded CU Boulder a $20 million grant to establish the National Quantum Nanofab (NQN) facility. This state-of-the-art center will focus on creating ultra-small devices leveraging quantum mechanics, including technologies such as atomic clocks and quantum computer chips. Spearheaded by Professor Scott Diddams and a multidisciplinary team, the facility will be built over five years within CU Boulder’s SEEL building, featuring clean rooms and advanced nanofabrication tools.

The NQN facility aims to bridge the gap between quantum research and practical technologies, enhancing Colorado’s rapidly growing quantum sector. According to Massimo Ruzzene, vice chancellor for Research and Innovation at CU Boulder, the facility will be transformational, offering unparalleled access to cutting-edge fabrication facilities and significantly bolstering the local quantum ecosystem. This initiative is expected to create thousands of jobs in Colorado over the next decade, aligning with recent state and federal investments in the quantum industry.

In addition to advancing technology, the facility will play a crucial role in workforce development. It will provide students from CU Boulder and other institutions, including local community colleges, the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in nanodevice fabrication. This collaborative environment, bringing together academia, industry, and government labs, aims to foster innovation and prepare the next generation of quantum experts.

For additional information, you can access the press release provided here.

June 21, 2024