EDF, in partnership with Quandela, Alice & Bob, and CNRS, has embarked on a groundbreaking €6.1 million ($6.542M USD) project named “Energy Optimization of Quantum Circuits” (OECQ), supported with a grant of up to €4.5 million ($4.87M USD) from France 2030 through Bpifrance. The primary objective of OECQ is to evaluate and enhance the energy efficiency of quantum computing systems in comparison to traditional high-performance computing (HPC) methods. This initiative represents a critical milestone in quantifying the energy requirements of quantum processors across real-world applications such as optimization, physical simulation, and material science.

EDF, a leader in energy solutions, will provide energy-intensive use cases for assessment, leveraging its expertise in both energy management and computational modeling. Alice & Bob, known for their innovative cat qubit technology, and Quandela, specializing in photonic quantum computing, will analyze the energy demands of quantum algorithms for these specific applications. CNRS, renowned for its scientific excellence, will oversee the project’s methodology, ensuring robust assessment and establishing theoretical benchmarks for energy consumption across the quantum computing ecosystem.

The ultimate goal of the project is to achieve a quantum energy advantage, where quantum computing not only delivers superior computational speed but also proves more energy-efficient than classical computing approaches. This initiative underscores France’s commitment to advancing quantum technology while ensuring sustainability and efficiency in digital innovation.

A press release announcing this partnership has been posted on the Alice & Bob website here.

July 10, 2024