Fujitsu Australia Limited and The Australian National University (ANU) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to establish a cutting-edge quantum research facility in Australia. This collaboration aligns with Australia’s National Quantum Strategy, aiming to foster local innovation and talent development in the quantum technology sector.

The partnership will see ANU researchers and academics gain access to Fujitsu’s advanced quantum systems and simulators. Fujitsu plans to release a 256-qubit quantum computer in March 2025 and a 1,000-qubit system in fiscal year 2026, developed in collaboration with RIKEN, to support ongoing research and development at ANU.

ANU will also develop educational modules centered on Fujitsu’s quantum technologies to enhance research and training in quantum computing. The establishment of an onsite quantum computer at ANU will provide Australian researchers and professionals with the tools needed for advanced studies in cryptography, material science, and quantum simulations.

For additional information, you can access a news release from Fujitsu announcing this collaboration here.

July 5, 2024