IQM Quantum Computers has inaugurated its first quantum data center in Munich, Germany, aiming to bolster industry applications through advanced quantum computing. This new facility currently hosts two quantum computers manufactured by IQM in Finland and the company has plans to accommodate up to 12 there in the future. The data center underscores IQM’s dedication to continuous research and development to support its global cloud offering for high-quality quantum computing services and host future generations of IQM´s quantum computers.

The Munich-based center is set to explore various applications, including machine learning, quantum simulation, cybersecurity, and optimization. IQM has been collaborating with software and algorithm partners globally to accelerate practical quantum solutions. This initiative follows IQM’s integration of a quantum computer into the HPC supercomputer at the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre, aligning with its strategy to promote quantum education, research, and real-world applications.

Germany, with its strong research infrastructure and skilled workforce, is a crucial player in advancing quantum technologies within the EU. The Bavarian government, through initiatives like the Munich Quantum Valley, is heavily investing in the quantum ecosystem, seeing it as a significant economic opportunity.

For additional information, you can access a press release the company has provided here.

June 21, 2024