Riverlane, a global leader in quantum error correction technology, has announced its membership in the Quantum Energy Initiative (QEI). This global community of quantum technology companies and research organizations aims to minimize the environmental footprint of quantum technologies. Riverlane’s core product, the Quantum Error Correction Stack (Deltaflow), is being developed with a focus on energy efficiency.

QEI members, including Microsoft Azure Quantum, IBM Quantum, and Alice & Bob, collaborate to define energy-based metrics for quantum technologies, derive fundamental bounds for energy consumption, use energetic efficiencies as optimization tools, and understand the impact of hardware and software on energy consumption.

Riverlane’s Deltaflow.Decode ASIC chip exemplifies this commitment, utilizing less than 10mW while maintaining high performance. Marco Ghibauldi, VP of Engineering at Riverlane, emphasized the importance of integrating energy-efficient quantum error correction to achieve substantial energy savings over classical supercomputers.

Riverland has posted a press release announcing their joining the Quantum Energy Initiative that you can see here.

June 14, 2024