SandboxAQ has unveiled its AQtive Guard platform, designed to tackle the rising threats of AI-driven and Quantum attacks. The platform offers comprehensive cryptography management, enabling enterprises to identify and manage vulnerable cryptographic algorithms and digital keys at an unprecedented scale and granularity. AQtive Guard is the successor to the earlier Sandbox Security Suite product and the functionality of Security Suite is included in AQtive Guard. Key features of the product include the following:

  • Full visibility, monitoring and control of your cryptography
  • Automatic analysis and reporting on your cryptographic security posture 
  • Cryptographic policy management and enforcement
  • Seamless upgrades to new cryptographic protocols
  • Compliance with changing cyber threats and requirements

AQtive Guard represents a proactive shift in security measures, aligning with the principles of Zero Trust architecture by providing continuous monitoring, policy compliance, encryption, and user trustworthiness. Notable benefits include enhanced business continuity, robust risk management, and automated compliance enforcement. The platform’s seamless integrations with other IT assets and service providers ensure adaptability and scalability in evolving cybersecurity landscapes.

A blog announcement about the product now reach a Generally Available (GA) status has been posted on the SandboxAQ website here and a webpage for the product can also be seen on the company’s website here.

March 29, 2024