Venturus, one of the largest science and technology institutes in Brazil, and QuEra Computing, a company developing quantum computers using neutral atoms, have announced a strategic partnership to promote quantum computing innovation in Latin America. Central to this collaboration is the new Center of Excellence (CoE) for Quantum at Venturus in São Paulo, Brazil designed to develop cutting-edge quantum computing projects. This initiative aims to foster a robust quantum ecosystem, focusing on workforce training and applied research.

The collaboration will target key industries including agriculture, finance, healthcare, logistics, and cybersecurity, with the goal of creating quantum algorithms and applications to address complex problems more efficiently than classical computing. Additionally, the partnership will support educational programs to build a skilled quantum computing workforce and raise awareness through various events.

Daniel Moraes, Head of Emerging Technologies at Venturus, highlighted the partnership’s potential to revolutionize industries in Latin America. Yuval Boger, Chief Commercial Officer of QuEra, emphasized the importance of engaging with the vibrant innovation ecosystem in the region.

For additional information, you can access a press release from QuEra Computing announcing this partnership located here.

June 13, 2024