The NSF Quantum Leap Challenge Institute Hybrid Architectures and Networks (HQAN) is led by the University of Illinois’ IQUIST, in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin and the University of Chicago. In addition to these three Midwest research powerhouses, which are members of the Chicago Quantum Exchange, the HQAN program integrates industry and government labs. HQAN is creating three quantum testbeds with multiple kinds of quantum hardware that will develop the technology needed to assemble a hybrid quantum processor and network to demonstrate distributed quantum processing and communication protocols. Aliro will share its expertise in quantum network design through collaborative research projects as well as assist in workforce development efforts at HQAN. One of the tools that Aliro will be using with this project includes Q.Network, a dedicated cloud quantum network simulator to help in each step of building near-term quantum networks. Additional details about this announcement are available in the news release that you can find here.

March 27, 2021