China’s Center for Excellence in Quantum Information and Quantum Physics, under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has delivered a 504-qubit superconducting quantum computing chip named “Xiaohong” to QuantumCTek Co., Ltd. This chip sets a new record for the number of qubits in a superconducting quantum chip in China. QuantumCTek aims to utilize Xiaohong to verify their kilo-qubit measurement and control system independently developed. According to Liang Futian, an associate professor at the center, Xiaohong’s key indicators are expected to rival the performance levels of leading international quantum computing platforms. Gong Ming, a researcher at the center, emphasized the chip’s role in advancing large-scale quantum computing measurement and control systems, prioritizing development over sheer computing power or quantum supremacy. Collaborating with China Telecom Quantum Group, QuantumCTek plans to offer global access to Xiaohong through a quantum computing cloud platform, facilitating research across various fields and accelerating the practical application of quantum computing. A news article from Xinhua reporting on this delivery is available here.

April 27, 2024