Q: How do I Register to Obtain a Membership and Gain Access to the Premium Content?
A: You can register by clicking on this Register New Account link.

Q: What do you mean by Premium Content?
 Certain content on the Quantum Computing Report will require a person to become a paid member to view it.  This pages will be listed with a “$” icon in the top menu to notate that it is a Premium page and will require a member to login before they can access it.

Q: Will there be any web pages that will not require a membership?
 Yes.  Pages on the web site will be split between Open and Premium.  The Open pages will not require a membership to view.

Q: What pages are designated as Premium pages and require a membership to access?
 The Premium pages currently include archive News and Analysis articles from previous years, listings of the Venture Capital players, and pages in the Scorecard section. The Quantum Computing Report reserves the right to switch the status of any page at any time.

Q: Will a membership be required to receive the weekly Quantum Computing Report Alert newsletter?
A: No. There is no charge to subscribe to this newsletter.  However, the newsletter may occassionally provide links to a web pages which have Premium content and will require logging in to view.

Q: Why are you making this change?
A: The quantum computing industry is expanding rapidly and the amount of news and activity is increasing at what seems to be an exponential rate. We are looking to expand coverage of this increased activity on the Quantum Computing Report and this will require adding more resources to our staff. The Membership fees will help support this expansion.

Q: What are the membership terms and fees?
A: There are three classes of membership with the current fee levels shown below:
1. Student Membership – $40/year. Requires entering in the school the student is attending)
2. Individual – $100/year
3. Organization – $1000/year.  This single price to provide access for up to 100 individuals within an organization for a year.

Q: What if I come to feel that the Premium Content is not what I expected after I pay for a membership?
A: The Quantum Computing Report has a substantial track record of consistently delivering high quality, actionable information its members find valuable. We are fully confident you will find the Premium Content will live up to or surpass your expectations. If you are not completely satisfied and no longer desire to be a member, let us know and we will provide you with a full refund.

Q: Where can I sign up to be a member?
A: Click here to reach our New Membership page so you can register for a new account.

Q: How does an Organization membership work?
A: The person who initially sets up the Organization account will become the Owner of that account.  That person will then be able to add additional members to the account up to the limit of 100 through the Membership Management page on the web site.

Q: How can I pay for a membership?
A: Payments can be made by credit cards, Paypal, and other methods including corporate POs and bank transfers.  The web site has been programmed to directly accept credit cards and Paypal. The other methods will be handled manually.

Q: If I become a member and want to view a Premium web page how to I do it.
A: You can type in the specific web page that you are trying to access it, but before you get in, you will need to log in with your email and password.

Q: How is security being handled?
A: The payment activities is being handled by the Stripe program which is one of the web’s most popular and secure credit card processing programs and safely handles transactions worth billions of dollars per year.  The Quantum Computing Report does not store a members’ credit card number in our web site.  Logon passwords are also hashed so that no one can access a member’s original password.

Q: If I have more questions how can I contact you?
A: You can send any questions or comments to memberships@quantumcomputingreport.com.