ConScience AB, a company located in Gothenburg, Sweden, is launching its first Quantum Device, the Qubit-in-a-box 0 (QiB0). This device can demonstrate simple quantum processes and calibrate and verify the performance of quantum computing test setups. It’s a significant milestone as it’s the first commercial quantum device fully designed and manufactured in Sweden. The QiB0 device uses superconducting technology and features 4 single qubits and 2 coplanar waveguide (CPW) resonators, characterized with up to 80 µs qubit lifetime and 1 million in quality factor of the CPW resonators. The device is available off-the-shelf and can be shipped immediately upon order.

It’s intended for use by research groups, companies, and universities educating the next generation of quantum scientists and engineers. The company also provides a foundry service for custom quantum processors and has a strong pipeline of more complex quantum devices expected to launch from 2024 onwards. The work on quantum computer components is financed by ConScience AB and a Smart Electronics grant from the Swedish Research Agency Vinnova. Additional information can be found in a press release provided by the company available here and a web page for the product available here.

January 31, 2024