D-Wave Quantum Inc. has announced the launch of a new fast-anneal feature available on all its quantum processing units (QPUs) within its Leap™ real-time quantum cloud service. This feature, which has been a key element of D-Wave’s recent research milestones published in Nature Physics and Nature, offers users the ability to perform quantum computations at unprecedented speeds, significantly reducing the impact of external disturbances such as thermal fluctuations and noise.

Fast Anneal provides extended control for faster annealing times, enabling users to replicate and build upon D-Wave’s landmark optimization results. Previously the fast anneal feature required custom calibration refinement. D-Wave has now improved calibration at fast anneal times such that custom refinement by customers is largely unnecessary. This makes the feature easier for customers to use with the D-Wave’s Advantage™ systems and the Advantage2™ prototype.

Researchers and industry leaders have expressed excitement about the potential applications of the fast-anneal feature, which may advance fields such as generative AI, drug discovery, materials science, and industrial applications involving complex data patterns.

For additional information, you can access the press release provided here.

April 18, 2024