IBM and Pasqal have announced a partnership to develop a unified approach to quantum-centric supercomputing, integrating quantum and classical computing. This collaboration aims to advance application research in chemistry and materials science, leveraging the strengths of IBM’s superconducting circuits and Pasqal’s neutral atom-based quantum computers.

Together, IBM and Pasqal will define the software integration architecture necessary for a quantum-centric supercomputer, orchestrating computational workflows across diverse quantum modalities and classical compute clusters. The initiative emphasizes open-source software and community involvement. The companies plan to co-sponsor a regional HPC technical forum in Germany, with future expansions planned globally.

The collaboration focuses on fostering industry adoption in materials science and chemistry, aiming to achieve utility-scale computation through hybrid quantum-classical workflows. This effort builds on the work of IBM’s Materials working group, exploring optimal methods for quantum-classical integration in scientific applications.

A press release about this new collaboration has been posted on the Pasqal website and can be accessed here.

June 6, 2024