The Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) unveiled its Quantum Roadmap at the Quantum on the Quad event, showcasing a strategy built on 20-plus years of quantum research and a Quantum Science Center. Recognized for their quantum advancements, ORNL secured three funding awards to solidify their position in quantum computing and networks. The Performance Integrated Quantum Scalable Internet (PiQSci) project, a collaboration with multiple institutions, aims to design a scalable quantum internet, enhancing network capacity and security. With a $6 million, three-year grant, PiQSci leverages ORNL’s extensive dark fiber testbed.

A second award, the GRID-Q project, allocates $3.75 million over three years to integrate quantum capabilities into the power grid, enhancing security and routing efficiency. Collaborating with national labs, academic institutions, and industry partners, GRID-Q focuses on identifying quantum applications for power infrastructure.

The Assessment of Quantum Utility EvaluateD Under Current Technologies (AQUEDUCT) project, supported by ASCR, will receive $1 million over four years. AQUEDUCT addresses hardware noise and aims to develop predictive metrics for assessing quantum computer utility in computational science challenges.

For additional information, you can access the press release posted on ORNL’s website here.

January 22, 2024