Quandela, a European quantum computing provider, has launched its first manufacturing pilot line dedicated to high-performance photonic qubit devices in Massy, France. This new site aims to enhance the deployment of error-corrected quantum computers. The pilot line, located at the Photovoltaic Institute of Île-de-France within the Paris-Saclay innovation hub, leverages integrated photonics and semiconductor quantum dot-based devices, reflecting twenty years of research from French telecom laboratories and the French National Research Institute CNRS.

The facility is designed to produce over 2,000 devices annually, scaling up to 10,000 devices with increased qubit density. It features an advanced qubit identification tool for rapid testing at cryogenic temperatures, optimizing fabrication processes and ensuring high yield and uniformity. This initiative marks a significant step towards the industrialization of photonic quantum technology, facilitating its integration into computing, networking, and communication systems.

An announcement about Quandela’s new pilot line has been posted on their website here.

June 10, 2024