QuantWare unveiled its latest offerings, Contralto-D and Soprano-D. These devices are intended for customers who want to build up their own systems and just want to purchase the individual qubit chips. Although going that route is much more complex than purchasing a fully complete system, doing so can potential save a significant amount of money. These upgraded off-the-shelf superconducting-based quantum processors boast enhanced specifications, improved reliability, ease of use, and shortened lead times.

The processors feature average coherence times of 60 μs, single qubit gate fidelities of 99.9%, and a two qubit gate fidelity of 99.7%. Integration with the Crescendo-S J-TWPA achieves readout fidelities of 97.5%. Detailed spec sheets are available on QuantWare’s website. Improvements include simplified installation with comprehensive manuals and expert support, along with high-density. cable connectors for Contralto-D. Lead times are roughly half those of previous QuantWare devices, and each processor includes an individual pre-characterization report, enhancing reliability.

The starting price for these devices is €60 thousand ($65K USD) and €300 thousand ($324K USD), respectively, Soprano-D and Contralto-D aim to make quantum computing significantly more efficient. The Soprano-D is available in two different configurations supporting 4 or 5 qubits. The Contralto-D is available in three configurations supporting 17, 19, and 21 connected qubit. In addition, each of the three configurations also include 4 additional isolated qubits that can be useful for testing.

QuantWare’s specialization in quantum hardware enables them to cater to a broader range of quantum computer builders. CEO Matthijs Rijlaarsdam emphasizes the team’s dedication to meeting customer needs and driving progress in the quantum computing market. A press release from QuantWare announcing these products can be accessed here. In additional a webpage with additional technical detail about Contralto-D can be viewed here and another one for Soprano-D can be seen here.

February 29, 2024