Other Websites

There are a number of useful websites that allow users to exchange relevant information to others interested in the quantum computing field.  This section provides a description and links to those websites.

Quantiki is a social platform for researchers in quantum computing.  It includes a number of academic position postings, listings of some upcoming conferences, and abstracts of journal articles.

Quantum for Quants
Quantum computers have the potential to provide an entirely different approach to solving very hard finance problems. Quantumforquants.org has been created to foster education, discussion, and collaboration to advance identification and understanding of solutions to open industry problems.

Quantum Computing Stack Exchange
The Quantum Computing Stack Exchange provides a forum for engineers, scientists, programmers, and computing professionals interested in quantum computing to ask questions about various quantum computing topics and receive answers.

Quantum Industry Coalition
The Quantum Industry Coalition is a lobbying group for the quantum industry in the United States. Their members range from start-up companies to the Fortune 100 that build hardware, write software, and develop applications.  The coalition provides the U.S. quantum industry with a voice to educate members of the U.S. government about the importance of quantum R&D and advocate for U.S. quantum leadership.

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