Zapata Computing Holdings Inc. (Zapata AI) and D-Wave Quantum Inc. have announced an expanded partnership aimed at accelerating the development and delivery of integrated quantum and generative AI solutions on D-Wave’s Leap™ cloud platform. The collaboration leverages Zapata’s Universal Generative AI software and D-Wave’s real-time quantum cloud service to enhance quantum, hybrid quantum, and classical AI solutions. This initiative focuses on improved and energy-efficient model training, more performant models, and the synergistic use of Generative AI and quantum optimization.

Christopher Savoie, CEO of Zapata AI, emphasized the strategic collaboration and the business value delivered through their Universal Generative AI solutions. The partnership will also enable Zapata to provide essential compute capacity for enterprises investing in generative AI applications. Dr. Alan Baratz, CEO of D-Wave, highlighted the transformative potential of combining Universal Generative AI and quantum computing within a single cloud platform.

The agreement includes a one-year Enterprise subscription license to Orquestra®, Zapata AI’s development platform, and support for use case research, prototype configuration, and application piloting. This expansion aims to boost AI advancement for complex computational models, deep learning, natural language processing, and computer vision, while driving sustainability and operational efficiency.

For additional information, you can access the press release from Zapata AI and D-Wave here.

July 9, 2024