The award was made by the European Research Council for a project named ConceptQ. It will cover a five year period to research a new superconducting quantum device concept utilizing increased anharmonicity, simple structure, and insensitivity to charge and flux noise. One problem with superconducting qubits is that they can sometimes end up in states other than |0> or |1>, These states are sometimes called Qutrits which could potentially be in a superpositions of three different states denoted as |0>, |1>, and |2>.  In current quantum processors, the |2> state is not desired and could cause a loss of qubit fidelity. Aalto’s new qubit design is meant to reduce or eliminate the occurrence of the |2> state which would remove a source of errors and help to increase the accuracy of the calculation. Another aspect of the project will be to develop low temperature cryoCMOS electronics that can be used to control qubits inside a dilution refrigerator. More information about this grant and the ConceptQ project is available in a news release posted available on the Aalto University website here.

April 26, 2022