Accenture and SandboxAQ have joined forces to offer artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing solutions, addressing organizations’ cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Accenture’s research highlights executives’ concerns about adapting to technological advancements and AI-driven cyber threats in 2024. Cybercriminals increasingly utilize AI for targeted attacks, prompting enterprises to adopt a zero-trust architecture with robust cryptographic management.

The collaboration integrates Accenture’s expertise with SandboxAQ’s Security Suite for AI-enabled cryptographic management. The solution enables comprehensive scanning of files, applications, and network traffic, securing data across on-premise and cloud platforms. The focus is on safeguarding against quantum computing-based decryption attacks, anticipated to escalate with ongoing quantum advancements. Accenture will also help clients leverage SandboxAQ’s simulation and quantum sensing products for applications such as drug discovery, materials science, navigation systems, and medical imaging.

Paolo Dal Cin, Accenture Security’s global lead, emphasizes the need to defend against evolving cyber risks, utilizing AI and generative AI. The partnership extends beyond cybersecurity, leveraging SandboxAQ’s AI and simulation solutions for drug discovery and quantum sensing solutions in diverse applications.

Accenture and SandboxAQ’s joint efforts extend to assisting a global nonprofit health organization in mitigating quantum risks. Their multi-phased approach enhances quantum security strategy, identifying cryptographic vulnerabilities and reducing operational costs. Accenture’s broader initiatives include an eight-step roadmap for post-quantum security, partnerships with leading tech providers, and a Quantum Security Maturity Index to evaluate and improve quantum security infrastructure.

A press release announcing this collaboration has been posted on the SandboxAQ website here.

January 16, 2024