Doug Finke has been involved with quantum computing since 2015 when the Quantum Computing Report was founded.  Since then he has witnessed the substantial growth of the industry, attended many conferences and reported on and established relationships with many of the key individuals and organizations within the industry. He has perhaps the broadest knowledge of anyone around on what is happening worldwide in the quantum industry.

Coupled with his 30 years of executive experience within the classical computing industry, he has an unparalleled capability of providing insights and operational advice to those seeking consulting to achieve their success.  He has been through many of the trials and tribulations of working in both corporate as well as startup environments and won’t just spout off MBA talk telling you what to do.

A few examples of consulting projects that Doug has completed in the past include the following:

  • Complete market analysis to provide market sizing, dynamics, and competitive environments for a selected market
  • Created a product line strategy including product positioning, target markets, and advertising plans to provide increased market share and sales
  • Provided a venture capitalist with a target list of potential investment candidates
  • Helped a venture capitalist perform due diligence on a potential investment
  • Presented to venture capitalists to obtain capital for a startup company
  • Executed multiple acquisitions at different times both as part of the company being acquired as well as the company doing the acquiring
  • Wrote proposals to win government grants
  • Developed a go-to-market strategy for a new product offering
  • Developed a complete communications strategy including web site development, social media and press releases for a startup company
  • Closed major multi-million dollar contracts with large enterprise corporations
  • Implemented a Partners Program to form mutually beneficial relationships with software, applications and reseller companies to provide complete solutions and support to end customers
  • And many other projects in the areas of marketing, strategy, sales, operations, and administration over a long career

Our consulting engagements can range anywhere from a simple phone call to a large multi-month project to implement a major program.  We are also available to give 1-2 hour overview presentations that provides an overview of the current status of quantum computing development. For those assignments that require deep technical expertise Doug can call on a network of quantum researcher contacts who can provide the required know-how.

So if there is any assistance that we can provide to you, contact us at and we can set up a phone call to discuss your situation and see how we can make you more successful in your quantum activities.