At the Q2B Conference in December 2018, Airbus announced a Quantum Computing Challenge to see whether any individuals or teams could help them find quantum computing solutions to five different computational problems they faced. Since then, they attracted interest from over 800 individuals, held webinars to clarify the problems and received proposals from 36 different teams.

Airbus has now released the names of finalists who were selected by a jury of two Airbus engineering and flight physics experts and two external quantum computing experts and will name the winner(s) at the Q2B Conference in December 2020.  The winners will be offered opportunities to access cloud based quantum computing resources to test their proposed approaches and work with Airbus flight physics experts to see if their solutions can be adapted to industrial aerospace applications.

Here are the names of the finalists and the specific problems they have been working on.

  • Team Origin Quantum (China) – Problem 2: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Team Niels Backfisch (Germany) – Problem 3: Quantum Neural Networks for Solving Partial Differential Equations
  • Team Capgemini (The Netherlands/France) – Problem 4: Wingbox Design Optimisation
  • Team Machine Learning Reply (Italy) – Problem 5: Aircraft Loading Optimisation
  • Team Universidad de Montevideo (Uruguay) – Problem 5: Aircraft Loading Optimisation

Interestingly, no finalists were selected from those who worked on Problem 1: Aircraft Climb Optimisation and two finalists were selected for Problem 5: Aircraft Loading Optimisation. For more details about the Airbus Quantum Computing Challenge, the finalists, and the approaches that the finalists have proposed, you can view a news release announcing the finalists here and the home page for the Airbus Quantum Computing Challenge here.

October 14, 2020