Aliro Quantum, since its founding, has been working to make quantum technology accessible. Over the past two years, the company introduced AliroNet™, the world’s first full-stack entanglement-based quantum network solution. We had previously reported that they are the network software provider for EPB, America’s first industry-led, commercially available quantum network.

The Aliro Simulator is a versatile, modular quantum network simulator that can model all portions of a quantum network, from the smallest optical components to the largest heterogeneous networks. It implements discrete event simulation, multiple quantum state computation backends, generic quantum and classical device components, optical components, noise models, networking concept abstractions, and support classes.

The simulator allows organizations to test and identify issues, as well as make informed decisions about any trade-offs. It provides a valuable way for organizations to assess their quantum needs, establish proof of value, design to their requirements, and obtain guidance on how to best implement quantum networks. The Aliro Simulator is flexible enough to model the whole network stack from the photonic level all the way up the protocol stack. It can show whether or not the designs for the network will provide value.

A press release provided by Aliro announcing the Aliro Simulator can be accessed here. and a product page for the software is available here.

December 15, 2023