When a user submits a quantum program to run on a quantum computer, the software will typically run it through an optimizing compiler that will convert the program to an execution that will achieve the same results but in a more efficient manner. The optimizing compiler may reduce the number of circuit levels, reorder the operations, reallocate which qubits are used or change the specific gates used. Normally, this is a good thing but it can result in more accurate results from the program with fewer errors. But for users who are trying to benchmark a quantum processor or develop error mitigation protocols this optimization process can get in the way. In order to help users who are trying to do this, Amazon has introduces a “Verbatim Compilation” capability in their Braket software that will turn off some of the optimization functions and provide users with direct control over what is executed on the hardware. This feature is currently available for use with the Rigetti superconducting quantum processor available on the Braket service. Additional information about this new capability can be found in a blog post on the Amazon website here.

September 11, 2021