Anaqor, a Berlin and Stuttgart-based quantum startup, is revolutionizing the quantum computing landscape through its PlanQK platform. Launched in 2019 with support from the German government, PlanQK stands as a pioneering community-powered quantum platform. It has already garnered trust from over 100 organizations, showcasing its impact and reach.

This platform acts as a technological linchpin, connecting various stakeholders within the quantum value chain. The goal is to stretch the boundaries of current capabilities and maximize societal impact. PlanQK is unique in its dual appeal to both quantum app developers and users. Developers gain a marketplace to showcase their solutions and expertise, while users benefit from a diverse range of applications and access to pertinent quantum computing hardware.

PlanQK addresses the high entry barriers and costs typically associated with quantum computing. By offering easy and cost-effective access, it opens doors for innovation across company sizes. This inclusivity is further strengthened by the platform’s commitment to avoid potential lock-in effects, maintaining adaptability to new technologies and safeguarding investments.

The platform’s design facilitates integration with existing IT infrastructure, allowing quantum technology to be seamlessly incorporated into current applications via API-driven services. This approach not only preserves existing investments but also expedites the adoption of quantum computing.

Anaqor, through its PlanQK platform, distinguishes itself as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) Aggregator in the quantum computing cloud services market. Unlike traditional cloud services that often tie users to specific hardware or software ecosystems, Anaqor’s model emphasizes flexibility and choice. It aggregates various quantum computing resources, offering users a one-stop platform to access a diverse range of quantum hardware and software solutions. This approach not only streamlines the user experience but also promotes innovation by fostering a community of developers and users. 

In essence, Anaqor’s PlanQK is a testament to the democratization of quantum computing. It lowers entry barriers, fosters a community of users and developers, and aligns with the evolving technological landscape, thus positioning itself as a critical player in the quantum computing domain.

A free 46 page report created by GQI in partnership with Anaqor with much additional information can be accessed by clicking this link: Cloud Services for Quantum Focus Report.

December 16, 2023