A new metropolitan quantum network is being formed to join ones already started in Chicago, Long Island New York, and London. This one will be in the Washington DC area and will be called the Washington Metropolitan Quantum Network Research Consortium (DC-QNet). It will includes six U.S. government agencies located in the area and two additional affiliates outside of the region including:

The two government agencies participating in this project outside of the Washington DC region are:

The network will be used to research entanglement distribution of qubits over multi-kilometer distances. The network will be used to research using a quantum secure communications channel for exchanging data, networking multiple quantum computers together, distributing ultra-precise time signals, creating clusters of quantum sensors, understanding the metrology to operate such a network, and exploring the use of various quantum hardware devices such as quantum memories, single photon devices, transducers, and other related things.

At this time, these metropolitan networks are limited in distance to what can be covered via direct links without the use of quantum repeaters. We believe that as viable quantum repeaters are developed in the future, several of these metropolitan quantum networks will be hooked together to create a larger network, and ultimately, a quantum internet.

Additional information about this DC-QNet can be found in a press release posted by the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) here.

July 2, 2022