QuantumPath is an ecosystem of tools, services and processes that simplify the development of quantum algorithms into hybrid information systems that support gate-based, quantum annealing and simulator backends. It consists of two component types. The first are QPath Core Modules which manage agnostic quantum algorithms & solutions (gate-based, quantum annealing) assisted by general purpose tools. CORE Modules enable this hybrid (classical/quantum) computing platform to support the quantum software life cycle and engineering. The second type of components are QPath® Platform Apps that support software engineering and programming best practices adoption for developing high-quality quantum software. The software currently provides support for backends from IBM, D-Wave, Fujitsu, QuTech, AWS, and Microsoft. aQuantum is now providing four different levels of subscription plans for using this software that depend upon the size of the team and the amount of usage needed. These levels are QPath Free Developer, QPath Developer, QPath Business and QPath Enterprise. For more about aQuantum’s announcement of its subscription plans, you can read a news release posted on their website here and a webpage that provides an overview of the QuantumPath software here.

October 18, 2021