aQuantum’s QuantumPath is a quantum software development and lifecycle application platform that provides for the creation, testing, deployment, and reuse of a quantum algorithm. It supports both classical and quantum workloads in a hardware agnostic manner and has now added Amazon Braket to the many other hardware platforms and quantum simulators that it already supports. QuantumPath has a modular architecture, is extensible, and can support the integration of third-party solutions through pipelines. It includes a graphical user interface that can be used with both gate-base and quantum annealing processors that allows users to quickly construct and run their quantum algorithms. The company claims that with QuantumPath, the time it takes for users to develop and integrate quantum algorithms is reduced by approximately 70% for gate-based devices and 85% for annealing devices, respectively. Additional information about the new support for Amazon Braket can be found in a blog posting located here and additional information about the QuantumPath platform can be found on its web page here.

April 18, 2022